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"This past summer we completely remodeled our detached workshop. It was a big job! As part of the remodel, it was necessary to completely remove ALL of the old electrical components inside the shop and completely rewire the entire structure. We asked Troy to take on the project and make suggestions as the work progressed. The project had to be done in several "Steps", because other contractors were also involved. First the old wiring had to be removed, then a completely new wiring layout had to be designed, including all necessary switches, power outlets, recessed can lights, ceiling fan placement, and 220 wiring for the "mini-split" heat pump system. This process took Troy less than a day! Next, all of the "rough-in" work had to be done before the insulation and sheetrock crews came in. Again, this took less than a day for Troy and his helper to complete. Last, after the shop was insulated and sheet rocked it had to be painted. Then Troy came back again and did all of the "finish" work, wiring in the outlets and switches, installing the "can" lights, hanging the ceiling fan, installing the automatic exterior lighting and plug, and placing a special box on the outside of the shop for the "Mini-Split" heat pump. The finish work was fabulous! We could not be more pleased. The best part of the whole project was that Troy usually did his work before the other sub-contractors showed up for work. Troy was "in and out" and we never had to wait for him to finish his work before we could get started with another part of the project. What more could you ask for? It was a big project and Troy finished it On Time, and best of all, On Budget. Never did Troy come back and say that he needed to have the job cost increased. He gave us a good bid and stuck to it. From now on, Troy is the ONLY electrician we will ever use."
John B., Jacksonville

"They have always been there for me. I would recommend them to anyone who is looking for superior service at a great price. Thank you!!!"
Mike Galante, Medford

"Very professional and excellent work at a great price!"
Jason Carder, Medford

"Great customer services, clean work with stand up owners."
Chris Fernandes, Medford

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Aztec Electrical is up-to-date on the latest Energy Trust standards, quality control requirements and incentives.

Aztec Electrical is proud to be qualified as a Trade Ally contractor. With our knowledge and services we provide you with ideas on energy efficiency and renewable energy services with products to help you use energy wisely. Energy Trust of Oregon is an independent nonprofit organization dedicated to helping utility customers benefit from saving energy and generating renewable power.